Vertical Rope, Straps and Silks

The stage is open to everyone: from the simple curious to the ones who already know the beauty ad the harshness of this equipment. However, for the aerial dancers, this could be an excellent occasion to try or improve the skills with a similar instrument. We’re going to research and explore the techniques on the vertical rope. We are starting from the ground, where we’re well-planted, the rope is touching the ground as well and it asks us to join it, know it and feel it in another space, that we begin to know: air How can we get to explore this new world? We start from basical techniques and we are going to find out our own technique, the one that everyone can adapt to his own body and predisposition.

I own the BIAC (Brevet d’Initiateur aux Arts du Cirque, patent issued by the French FFEC for teaching and pedagogy for amateur and professional circus

Video ID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81ILbCjkokA

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