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Vertical Rope

A long length of rope coming from above is the escape route towards heavens or the earth. Acrobatics and knotting, descents and back up climbs, in a never-ending succession of deep emotions and melancholic whispers.

– Duration: around 6

– Ideal height: 7 metres; minimum height: 5.50 metres

– Chance to use a tripod, air-adjustable structure at 6 m, 7 or 8 metres

Video ID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DljVjkhD-lM

Slack Rope

“You’ve never had a childhood if you didn’t pretend that the far end of the sidewalk was a balance beam on which you were walking without falling”.

– Duration: 7 minutes

– A flat floor would be preferred

Video ID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o9NY2eWups&t=7s


Sale – spectacle de cirque, musique et cordes d’amour

The show flourishes from the artist’s personal piece of research around the transformation and renovation themes; a break from the stereotyped clichés, the surreal seen as a key for the change, is exhibited throughout the evolution of the character, who still stays trapped in his / her ropes.

By and with: Gianluca G Gentiluomo
Writing and dramaturgy: Milo Scotton
Outside eyes: L.Tamietto, A.Maida, E.Avallone, R.Riggio, N.Czertok, D. Della Chiara
Circus teacher: Arian Miluka, Silvia Francioni
Music: ‘Architorti’
Dresses: Simona Randazzo

Video ID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=596vTL_Z6lw

Artistical Residencies

  • Circus School “Arc en Cirque” (Chambery – FR)
  • “Scuola di Cirko Vertigo” (Torino)
  • Circus School “Chapitombolo” (Monale)
  • “Terre di Circo” for Festival ‘Mirabilia’ (Savigliano)
  • “Teatro Nucleo” (Ferrara)

Live at:

    • 2018 “Festival B.Arts” (Bari vecchia)
    • 2018 “Festival Onderstroom” (Vlissigen, NL)
    • 2018 “Arti&Sapori” (Zoppola)
    • 2018 “Festival ‘Artemigrante” (Macerata)
    • 2018 “Torino Fringe Festival” (Torino)
    • 2017 “Mirabilia International Arts Festival” (Fossano)
    • 2017 “Macondo Festival” (Francavilla al Mare)
    • 2017 “Casteldelgiudice Busker Festival”
    • 2017 “Il Borgo incantato” (Gerace)
    • 2016 ”San Marino International Arts Festival” (Rep. di San Marino)
    • 2016 ”Living Circus” (Lavanderie a Vapore – Cirko Vertigo, Collegno)
    • 2015 ”Rassegna Battiti” (Teatro Furio Camillo, Roma)
    • 2013 Festival “Les Printemps des Cultures Urbaines” (Aix Les Bains)
    • 2013 Festival “Cirq’ule” (Chambery)

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blucinQue/cirko Vertigo

Vertigo, a swirling motion of rotation, turn, vortex, bewilderment, loss of balance, both physical and emotional… the idea of feeling inappropriate, in perpetual repositioning and disequilibrium. The new challenge of Caterina Mochi Sismondi’s theatrical and dance company, currently working on a melting project with contemporary circus, was presented as a “Study on the Vergin”, which repeatedly inspects the dialogue between dance and circus, music and electronics, with the aim of deeply uncovering some of the “displacement” cases already cherished by the company since its first works.

Video ID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sY8o_U3DLI


The “Nientedimeno” collective was born due to R. Riggio, S. Michelessi, S. Fois and G. Gentiluomo. These four young artists interlace their own individual paths with the need to find new styles and languages in the field of performative arts. The conception of the “Onironautica” show, during summer 2014, gives voice to this necessity, by contaminating high circus technique with refined dramaturgic and choreographic structures. The meeting with directors Milo Scotton and Olivia Ferraris, and the stay at the “circus school Chapitombolo”, in Monale, gives the structure coherence and fluidity, until achieving, in January 2015, the work-in-progress presentation at the “Circumnavigando” festival in Genoa, held, the following year, at the “Mirabilia” festival in Fossano.

Video ID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B95cqrgDTe4

Nalda Factory

From Europe to South Korea, the “Nalda Factory” company performs its shows, largely influenced by different cultures and styles, always observing the approach to the live show typical of circus performances. Mixtures creating surreal worlds, able to attract audiences from all over the world.