Spectacular Life

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At age 15 he took his first steps in the art of the street; After studying photography and archeology is completely devoted to circus and dreams In 2008 he attended the “Scuola di Cirko Vertigo” specializing in vertical rope, then he continued his studies at the school “Arc en Cirque” of Chambery (France) following a two- year artistic education and creating his solo show “Sale – spectacle de cirque musique et cordes d’amours ”
Back in Grugliasco in the “Cirko Vertigo” to specialize in Slack Rope and takes part in the creation of the “VertigoSuite” show (directed by C.Mochi Sismondi, blucinQue/Cirko Vertigo production). Among his collaborations: “Circo Acquaico Bellucci” and “Rudi Lata Circus”; festival “Br’Ain de Cirque” (Bourg en Bresse – FR), ‘Nalda Factory’ (South Korea)
In 2014 founded the “Nientedimeno Collective”, a contemporary circus company to which it belongs and with S.Michelessi, R. and S. Riggio Fois gives life to the show “lucid dream” (directed by M.Scotton)
Among his teachers: S.Francioni, A.Miluka, L.Tamietto, R.Fedin, M.Maggipinto, E.Donaque, J.Fortin, E.Ron, N.Ricci
He works as a teacher with: ‘Scuola di Cirko Vertigo’, ‘Materiaviva Academy’, ‘UP circus school’, ‘Piccola scuola di circo di Milano’, ‘Spazio NU’
In possession of the BIAC (Brevet d’Initiation aux Arts du Cirque) issued by the French FFEC, enabled the teaching of circus arts for amateur and professional